For the Chair of the Curie Institute in Paris, Prof. Thierry Philip, high prices of cancer medicines will soon be unsustainable. What should be done? His suggestions: transparency, delinkage and patients’ involvement. On October 24, 2017, Eric Favereau of Liberation interviewed the eminent Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Curie Institute in Paris, Professor Thierry Philip. The focus of the interview was how to control the unsustainable increase of cancer drug prices. The journalist asked many interesting questions that need to be asked, among them: was Prof. Thierry Philip worried about the cost of cancer drugs today? What would he recommend we doRead More →

Each year, the Graduate Institute Geneva compiles the list of “300 Women Leaders in Global Health.” The list was created to “showcase female leadership in global health,” and nominations are gathered from peers to recognize women’s contributions to global health policies and initiatives. UACT is pleased to highlight the women included on the list who are involved with guiding UACT’s mission and work. Five of the incredible women included in the “300 Women Leaders in Global Health” are members of UACT’s leadership, including two members of the Board of Directors, two members of the Expert Advisory Board, as well as our Acting Director. Nominees from our BoardRead More →